5 Ways Andy Hill Supports Individuals with Developmental Disabilities

1.    4,000: is the number of families in Washington caring for a child with a disability who will now receive much-needed respite care thanks to passage of Senator Hill’s Vulnerable Individuals Priority Act (VIP Act. SB 6387).

2.    1,000: is the number of adult individuals with disabilities who will now receive employment or employment services, again thanks to passage of Senator Hill’s Vulnerable Individuals Priority Act.

3.    30,000: is the number of paid autism screenings for children who are suspected of having autism. For the first time ever, the Health care Authority will now add reimbursement for these screenings to provide timely access to a formal diagnostic evaluation and referral for evidence-based treatment.

4.    500,000: is the number of students para-educators teach in schools across this state, and 52% [over half] is the percentage of those who are students with disabilities. Andy’s Para-educator Development Bill (SB 6129) develops a career path and better training for our dedicated Para-educators.

5.    1: As a state, we are first in the nation to move towards development of a career path for para-educators.  Para-educators work on the front lines every day with many of our highest needs students. Yet until now, our state has provided little in the way of training and career development. With Senator Hill’s Para-educator bill, that will change and change for the better.


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